Top beauty trends to help your clients feel amazing in 2022

Top beauty trends to help your clients feel amazing in 2022

It’s a New Year and people are talking about their resolutions, and new routines they want to start and searching for what new trends to follow.

Although a lot of the time, the focus can be around fitness and losing any extra Christmas pounds gained, often people look to begin new skin care routine too.

Here at LumiSKN we want to ensure you can make the most of the New Year to support your clients in achieving any new beauty goals they strive for in 2022. To do this, we’re going to share the top trends for 2022 and how LumiSKN can help you introduce them into your salon.

Top beauty trends for 2022

2022 beauty trends are centring around repairing and nourishing skin, whilst using a ‘less is more’ approach. We’re talking less products, simple treatments and gentler ingredients.

There are three main areas you can help your clients to improve next year, these are:

  • Easy home skin care

As a result of the pandemic, home skin care gained pace during the past two years, and this is unlikely to shift in 2022. After all, good home skin care is perfect for supporting any treatments your clients visit your salon for. The change we will see next year, is the streamlining of products and the exploration of more gentle ingredients.

As well as a comprehensive professional range of beauty products your therapists can use in your salon, LumiSKN also offer retail products you can sell for your clients to use at home. Our products are made by dermatologists and doctors, tying in with the current trends, giving your clients the healthy, luminous skin they dream of.

To repair and nourish skin, at home or following a treatment, we have a range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums to help your clients achieve their beauty goals.

Serums are big at the moment, and we recommend our HA + Firming Boost Serum. This is perfect for boosting hydration and lipid barrier function promoting 24-hour moisture and protection from the visible signs of ageing. Alternatively, people are increasingly talking about retinol creams and serums. Our Advanced Retinol serum helps to even out skin tone, fades age spots and visibly firms skin.

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  • Fighting break outs

As the use of face masks is being brought back in on public transport and in shops, facial break outs are beginning to rear their heads again.

Our LumiHYDRO device offers eight different treatment, including hydrodermabrasion which is perfect for fighting back against break outs. Hydrodermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure which utilises hydro technology to exfoliate, polish, detoxify, rehydrate and replenish skin. The hydro-extraction tip has a unique spiral design that creates a vortex which is effective in dislodging blackheads and flushing impurities to deep clean pores leaving your clients with blemish and break out free skin.

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  • A return to regular salon and spa visits

The past two years have been about staying at home and tailoring skin care to what could be achieved at home. The end of this year and next year will see people returning to beauty salons and spas on mass, as treats and for regular treatments, wanting to achieve celebrity style results.

The LumiHYDRO is the perfect way to help your clients achieve such results. On top of delivering hydrodermabrasion, the LumiHYDRO can also provide the following treatments which can help to exfoliate, firm and sculpt; microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peel, oxygen injector, microcurrent, ultrasonic cavitation, atomised jet spray and LED therapies.

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