Benefits of Aesthetic Equipment Rental, UK

The benefits of aesthetic equipment rental

Forward-thinking salon and clinic owners understand the importance of providing the latest treatments and technologies to their clients, to help them achieve happy, healthy skin.

However, the acquisition of new aesthetic devices can be expensive – especially for fledgling businesses or start-up salons – and carries an element of risk if circumstances or the business direction changes.

This is why we offer our customers flexible options to rent our beauty devices, so they can access all the protocols and technologies needed to evolve their business, with none of the risks of tying up capital or the need for a personal guarantee.

We’re all about helping salon owners to grow with flexibility and confidence, so read on to discover the benefits of aesthetic equipment rental with LumiSKN’s professional devices.

Less risk and stress for you

We are salon owners ourselves – and fully understand how stressful it can be to run a successful business – while keeping on top of the latest technologies and beauty treatments that your clients demand. Therefore, we decided it was time to offer rental solutions to businesses like yours.

We are well-known within the beauty industry for our reliable devices that deliver high-quality results. By renting a LumiSKN device, you’ll have the confidence that you’re collaborating with a partner that has the experience and service to support your investment.

Rental also provides the opportunity to evaluate your market and prove the demand for the protocols you wish to offer – before taking the big step of purchasing a device.

No capital investment

Device rental is a tax-efficient way to obtain the latest in beauty technologies without an expensive outlay.

Often the purchase of new devices can impact a clinic or salon’s cash flow, but rental will reduce the initial outlay – and by utilising your new device fully, it will pay for itself in a short period.

Plus – did you know that machine rental is a 100% tax-deductible operating cost? Win-win!

No unexpected costs

With a rental device, there are no unwelcome surprises as you’ll only pay a fixed monthly cost to cover the rental of the equipment. Full warranty cover and servicing support are also covered.

There is no need to budget for maintenance costs, replacement handsets or servicing as we’ll deliver all the components you’ll need to ensure the device operates efficiently.

The flexibility to future-proof your business

You only need to look back at the last two years to know that the beauty industry has faced a challenging time. If your salon or clinic is recovering from the effects of the pandemic, rental can give you the flexibility to obtain innovative technologies to future-proof your business.

We offer short rental periods with a choice of one, two or three years, so if your circumstances or business direction changes, you can simply hand back the device at the end of the rental period without any strings or ties.

First-class service from our trainers and coaches

We believe that whether you are purchasing or renting a device from us, everyone deserves the same great service. All our rental devices also include:

  • Free delivery
  • Fully accredited training on operating your device
  • Access to business coaching and ongoing telephone support
  • Marketing material to help you promote your new protocols (social media templates, banners, flyers and more)
  • Access to consultation documentation

End of rental-term options

Once your rental period is over, we offer three flexible options:

  • Simple ‘end of term’ purchase offer so you can keep your machine
  • Return the device
  • Upgrade your machine to the latest device

Choose your device – and we’ll do the rest

Acquiring beauty equipment with LumiSKN is easy, simply choose your device from our best-selling range and get in touch with our friendly Business Development team to discuss rental terms and pricing.

We’ll then get your agreement over to you for signature and schedule your training course, so you are confident to start using your new LumiSKN device as soon as it arrives.

Benefits of Aesthetic Equipment Rental, UK
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