Maximise your salon profits with our results-driven skincare range

Finding new ways to maximise your salon profits and remain ahead of your competition can be tough. Particularly now, during these first few post-pandemic months when businesses are keen to make up for sales lost during the related closures.

You may consider employing more staff to increase the number of customers your salon can cater for, raising your prices or adding to your service offering.

But there is an easier way…

Stocking a skincare range in your salon.

Providing innovative products in your salon, for your therapists to use during treatments and for clients to buy to take home with them, can help maximise profits, add to the services you offer whilst also enhancing your clients’ overall experience of your business.

What’s more, you don’t have to do it alone.

Here at LumiSKN, we are committed to helping you to grow your salon and enrich your appeal by supplying medical-grade, results-driven products which have been developed by dermatologists.

Your customers want healthy luminous skin, and this is something the LumiSKN skincare range truly delivers.

We offer a wide range of salon-exclusive and cruelty-free formulas, focusing on anti-ageing, anti-acne and redness or sensitivity. Our skincare is also helpful in combatting rosacea and pigmentation issues.

Download our free brochure here

We understand that introducing a new income stream into your business may seem a bit daunting.

However, with LumiSKN you don’t just get great products. You also get training support as well as help with driving sales through promotions, incentives and marketing materials. Download our brochure.

LumiSKN training programmes

We passionately believe knowledge is power, which is why we have developed a comprehensive training programme to support you as you introduce LumiSKN products into your salon.

Our training programme is available to your whole salon team so they can develop essential product information to help clients maintain their skincare at home, effective sales techniques to use during and following treatments, as well as how best to utilise the display and marketing materials.

Marketing support

In addition, we have an in-house marketing team who is available to help you drive both treatment and retail sales by providing

  • Seasonal promotions
  • Retail incentives
  • Branded materials
  • Branded treatment accessories
  • Competitions
  • Social media collateral.

Starter packages

To help you decide if the LumiSKN skincare range is for you and your salon, we offer opening packages from just £450.

You can choose the products you want from our extensive brochure, or you can opt for one of our three starter packages, which are:

  • Pro Treatment Starter package – perfect for therapists wanting professional products to use during facials and trial before retailing items.
  • Retail Starter package – great for salons looking to sell medical grade skin care products to their clients.
  • Pro treatment and Retail package – our most popular package for salons looking to offer professional treatments and stock products.

If you would like to explore how stocking the LumiSKN skincare range in your salon can help you to skyrocket your retail and professional treatment, please get in touch with our team.

Finance options are available to help make our range super affordable for all salons.