salon geared up to serve the millennial generation

Is your salon geared up to serve the millennial generation?

Your core audience is changing. Millennials account for over 12.3 million adults in the UK* making it the largest demographic across the nation.

Millennials fall into the 18- to 35-year old age range and are the first generation to have grown up with 27/4 access to social media, influencers and celebrity culture at their fingertips. This makes millennials increasingly comfortable with beauty treatments and expressing their body confidence.  The aesthetic desires of a millennial audience are therefore likely to be vastly different to the needs of your more mature clientele.

The latest UK Aesthetics Interest survey, conducted by RealSelf** found that 40% of UK millennials have had a cosmetic procedure in the past, compared to just 14% of adults of over 35 years old.  This makes the millennial market integral to growth of the aesthetics industry—and is a market that you need to be tapping into.

The top 5 non-surgical treatments considered in the UK

  1. Cosmetic dentistry
  2. Laser hair removal
  3. Facial skin treatments
  4. Facial / lip filler
  5. Botox toxins

Laser hair removal

Millennials live in a fast-paced world and often choose the instant and long-lasting results of laser hair removal over more traditional and time-consuming methods such as shaving or waxing.

This generation demand treatments that are pain-free and have no downtime. They do their research and have a wealth of information to research their chosen treatment—which makes defining a millennial marketing strategy crucial to your future success.

The LumiLASE hair removal device is an 808nm diode medical-grade aesthetic machine that ticks all the boxes for a millennial audience looking for a fast, effective treatment. Our LumiSKN team also provide ongoing training and a comprehensive marketing package to help you understand how to reach the lucrative millennial audience who are searching for laser hair removal treatments.

Facial skin treatments

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham are all said to have regular facial treatments.  Millennials make up the vast majority of the followers of these celebs and are keen to replicate their look and style.  Your younger clients understand the importance of keeping their skin hydrated and maintained to achieve radiant skin—just like the A-listers.

To accommodate the demand for celebrity-style facials our LumiHYDRO 8-in-1 facial device uses the same non-invasive facial techniques favoured by the stars, for natural results that will leave your clients feeling body positive and confident.

Expand your treatment menu to attract millennials

Investing a new aesthetic device to cater for a younger generation of clients who know what they want is made easy with LumiSKN. Our treatment machines will allow you to expand your salon or clinics treatment menu with affordable finance and full and ongoing training to all our clients.

The devices have been designed with low-running costs and long-lasting consumables to help you yield high returns from your investment.

If you are serious about serving millennials, contact our team for a free, no obligation virtual demonstration of our devices.