reasons why winter is the best time to offer Laser Hair Removal

Four reasons why winter is the best time to offer Laser Hair Removal to your clients.

1. Clients are Less Exposed to the Sun in Winter

For the safest and best results, it’s important to ensure your clients skin hasn’t been exposed to the sun for approximately two to four weeks before beginning their laser hair removal. As such, winter often makes the best season for starting the process. Plus, winter clothes cover more than summer garments and can help shield your clients skin from the sun in the weeks before their first treatment. 

Minimising sun exposure after their treatment is also vital. Your clients skin is more sensitive after laser hair removal, so exposing their skin to the sun after laser hair removal treatment can lead to damage. And conditions such as hypo- and hyperpigmentation can occur, which causes white and brown spots to appear. So, be mindful of how sensitive your clients skin will be in the weeks following their treatment and recommend they avoid exposing targeted areas to direct and prolonged sunlight. 

2. The Process Works Best on Pale Skin 

Although advances in technology mean that more skin tones and hair colours can receive laser hair removal than ever before, the treatment still works best on those with pale skin and dark hair. This means that winter (a time where your clients skin is naturally lighter due to its reduced exposure to sunshine) is the ideal season for receiving the treatment. 

Just as a natural tan can affect the outcome of laser hair removal, a fake one can too, meaning you should advise your clients to avoid self-tanning lotions and sprays for one to two weeks before their treatment. So, if they like to stay looking bronzed all summer long, be sure to remind clients to plan their laser hair removal in winter instead.

reasons why winter is the best time to offer Laser Hair Removal

3. Clients Can Be Hair-Free by Summer

For successful hair reduction, multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed. You as therapists should generally recommend a schedule of several sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Although your clients are likely see results after two to three, additional appointments are typically needed to ensure hairs in all stages of growth have been disabled. 

By your clients beginning their laser hair removal journey in winter, they will provide themselves with sufficient time to be hair-free by summer.

4. Avoiding Perspiration and Pools is Easier 

Laser hair removal can be performed at any time of the year. But, certain lifestyle and aftercare factors make receiving treatment in winter more practical for your clients than summer. 

After laser hair removal, it’s essential clients avoid any activities that cause excessive perspiration until all redness has subsided.

You should advise your clients to avoid swimming pools and spas that are treated with chlorine or chemicals until their skin returns to normal.