Festive offers to boost your salon services

Amazing Festive offers to boost your salon services

Festive offers to boost your salon services

If you have been looking to improve your salon’s offering, now is the time to invest! 

To help boost your salon services in the lead up to Christmas and throughout 2022, we have some fantastic offers on two popular LumiSKN technologies.

Medical grade beauty devices

Here at LumiSKN we pride ourselves on pioneering the way in the use of non-invasive beauty and aesthetic technologies in the UK.

Our mission is to provide clinics and salons with an affordable and results-driven way to deliver effective, high-tech protocols and professional only cosmeceutical skincare for our customers to implement into their own establishments.

To do that, we’ve developed two medical grade beauty devices, the LumiLASE and LumiHYDRO. 

A growing market for hair removal

Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in LumiSKN’s hair removal technology. Ready for supporting your clients in achieving beautiful, smooth skin ahead of any winter sun adventures.

The LumiLASE device utilises sophisticated diode laser technology to provide an effective and accurate hair removal system for beauty clinics and salons, making your clients feel as great as they look.

LumiLASE technology outputs specific 808nm wavelengths which penetrate deep into the follicle for precision hair removal allowing long lasting results on all skin types. 

Our hair removal devices offer fast, pain-free treatments tailored to your clients’ unique requirements. Powered by advanced diode laser technology enhanced with cooling and safety features, LumiLASE hair removal devices put client comfort, safety and compliance first.

What’s more, for this festive period we are offering a huge 50% discount off the LumiLASE price. 

To find out more, book a virtual demo of our LumiLASE device here.

Celebrity styled facial treatments

In addition to our amazing LumiLASE offer, we are also discounting our LumiHYDRO device to help give your clients the luminous skin their desire ahead of the Christmas party season.

We understand, your clients want to look and feel younger and boost their confidence in their appearance. By investing in the eight-in-one LumiHYDRO medical-grade facial device, you’ll be able to offer a suite of cosmetic protocols to meet the growing demand for the facial treatments, made popular by celebrities.

LumiHYDRO offers an affordable addition to your salon or clinic, with eight profitable treatment protocols in one device. By combining technologies, it is possible to create completely bespoke facial treatments.

LumiHYDRO provides hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening and lifting while improving congestion and lymphatic drainage.

We are delighted to extend an exclusive Black Friday offer into the festive period, we are discounting the LumiHYDRO by a massive £2,495

You can view the LumiHYDRO in action and discuss payment options by booking a virtual demo here or by calling our team on 01536 665006.

Want to see some of the great results which can be achieved by our LumiSKN devices? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram feeds to view videos of the devices in action.